Can You Get a Job with just a CCNA Certificate?

2020-05-24 10:08:40 SPOTO Club Cisco,CCNA 1899
Often we think which certification we must choose to make our future bright, and after we get the certification, the next thing our brain dive into thoughts of whether this certification will help us and what jobs can we get through this certification? Here is the best option to boost up your future and which can give your future wings. It’s Cisco CCNA Certification. Gaining it again is considered to be an easy task, the candidates are required to go for lots of hard work unless you have some good and reliable training courses offered at the SPOTO Club. ABOUT CCNA CERTIFICATION: CCNA is the well-established certification of Cisco and the best career qualification course of the technology business. If you want to have a gratifying career as a network engineer or administrator, this CCNA certification will give you the kick start to your growing career. Engineers with Cisco CCNA Certification will be able to represent as capable as a Network Professional. With Cisco Certified Network Associate or the CCNA certification, your aptitude to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed and switched networks will be authenticated. A new CCNA now contains security and Automation and programmability. For IT careers, this program has one certification that covers a wide range of fundamentals to help you prepare with one exam and one training. The new CCNA course and examination gives you the base to take your career in any direction you need. This certification covers topics including: · Network fundamentals · Network access · IP connectivity · IP services · Security fundamentals · Automation and programmability Now, let’s study what job you can get after achieving the CCNA Certification. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) can get the following jobs in the IT industry: · Network Engineer · Sr. Network Engineer · Network Administrator · Information Technology (IT) Manager · Information Technology (IT) Director · Systems Administrator · Systems Engineer (Computer Network / IT) Duties and Responsibilities · Network Engineer · To Create and Configure Networks · To Resolve Technical Issues · To Apply Security Updates · To Test and Evaluate software · To Assess Network Performance Sr. Network Engineer · To design Functional Networks · To Configure and Install Network Hardware and Software · To monitor the performance of Network · To build and Implement Network Security Measures · To Delegate Network Maintenance Tasks · To Provide Network Status Reports to Chief Technology Officer Network Administrator · To assist in network design and functioning. · To provide network support along with the diversity of operating systems. · To install and configure computer network equipment. · To maintain network connectivity of all computer offices. · To provide network support to users. Information Technology (IT) Manager · To recruit and train the employees and to manage IT, staff, by communicating about job expectations, and keep a check on performance. · Managing the annual IT budget and ensuring cost-efficiency · To monitor daily operations, including server hardware and software, and operating system. Information Technology (IT) Director · Managing all technology operations and evaluate them according to entrenched goals. · To arrange and establish IT policies and systems. · To examine the requirements of the business of all departments to decide their technology needs. Systems Administrator · To Support LANs, WANs, network segments, and Internet systems. · To ensure the design of the system allows all components to work correctly together. · To monitor networks to ensure security. · To make recommendations for future upgrades. · To maintain network and system security. Conclusion: According to the above article, it’s pretty sure that after achieving CCNA Certification, you may get the best opportunity in an IT firm. It’s all up to you to decide with the field you choose that makes your future bright. Also, check out the training courses offered at the SPOTO Club to gain sure shot success.