How Cisco CCNA RS Skills are applied in Network Engineer's Daily Work.

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Being certified with a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching credential means that you are equipped with an analytical mind and a practical troubleshooting skill set. With this certification, your mind would get constant exercise as you are going to apply the most accurate solution in operating, configuring, and/or troubleshooting routed and switched networks. Moreover, since programmable network architectures are constantly evolving, you are going to develop yourself to become more dynamic and flexible towards the rapidly growing technologies. Hence, most network engineers who are Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certified are always demanded by various organizations and companies as compared to those who are not certified. This certification is going to validate your expertise in routing and switching, which would be quite an essential qualification that would be needed by most of the employers. With an entry-level Cisco CCNA R&S certified, you are going to be qualified to become an entry-level network engineer, helpdesk, as well as network administrator. As you go up the tiers of certifications, you would eventually become a network consultant, a network specialist, or even a senior network engineer. Let us take a look around some renowned companies and organizations that you could apply the skills that were rewarded by Cisco CCNA R&S certification.

Cisco Systems

After several rigorous training that you go through prior to earning certifications, Cisco knows that IT professionals with Cisco certifications would have gathered the necessary knowledge and skills towards their intended job roles. With that, Cisco is going to ensure that they have also had a pool of competent and skilled employees working around them to further improve the company. Thus, as long as you’ve shown a commendable performance all the way through the training as well as an outstanding score in the certification exam, Cisco would surely be going to notice your potential. Network engineers would a chance to be employed and be a part of the Cisco Systems.

Accenture Technology

Globally, Accenture Technology is considered to be one of the leading providers of innovative technologies by which are famous for providing digital, technical, and operational services, as well as solutions. Accenture Technology hires Application Tech Support Practitioner who is having a background on Cisco Routing and Switching. You could acquire the role of a network engineer which is considered to be much needed. Your task would be to ensure the security of networks and applications needed by the clients and staff. Get more what is the scope of ccna certification click there.

Montana Sky Networks, Inc.

The company is considered to be a regional Internet Service Provider in Northwestern Montana and is largely operating on the Cisco network. Hence, those who have equipped themselves with Cisco CCNA background are highly encouraged in the organization. Like what is taught to you during the training, your work would surely be going to involve configuring and troubleshooting networks and optimization of routing and switching. You may also be tasked to deploy and program new equipment and plan with network updates together with the Senior Network Engineers.


Entry-level network operations engineers are being sought in Verizon Wireless Company. Together with its goal of connecting people with each other, Verizon is one of the leading and most reliable telecommunication companies in America. Being a network engineer, you would be tasked to respond to certain issues on customer interface as well as network security operations. You may also be tasked to monitor network management systems and would ensure that systems run smoothly. Hence, being acknowledged with routed and switched networks would come in quite handy. IT professionals with Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching credentials have quite an advantage. So, if you want to have to get acknowledged in the above mention company and much more, you are needed to add the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification into your portfolio, and to gain this certification, the SPOTO Certification exam practice tests would be your best bet.

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