Is the new CCNA certification still worth it?

2021-02-10 09:33:45 SPOTO Club CCNA 88
In the past few years, the vast majority of IT networks have moved to the cloud. Cloud and virtualization will still expand at a faster rate. This raises a big question for many young people and professionals: Is it even worth the new CCNA certification? It is correct to point out that architectural miracles will not be built in one day, and if the baseline is not healthy, eye-catching buildings will collapse. Technology has evolved, and currently, we hear information about analytics, the Internet of Things, blockchain, big data, and other information. In all these technologies, data is an important aspect, but more critical is data mobility. We still need a robust network in the framework to help transfer data. Speaking of cloud technology issues, let us explain what the cloud is. The cloud is someone else's device. These machines must also be connected. Yes, it does reduce the client's infrastructure costs, but on the provider side, we need a powerful network to exchange data between these computers. As a result, you notice that the network is still building a cloud technology framework. Not all industries are using cloud technology, but all industries need a strong network to achieve growth. The network industry is least affected by the economic recession. To start a networking career, CCNA serves as an entry point. CCNA has developed into the most popular IT certification in the world. Since its establishment in 1998, CCNA has continued to evolve, upgrading its courses whenever technology advances. CCNA focuses on laying a solid foundation for professionals waiting to start their careers in the IT network world.

The updated CCNA exam

Cisco has updated the CCNA exam, so candidates need to take an exam: Cisco Certified Network Associated (200-301 CCNA). Candidates have taken many exams to obtain certification. Also read:  What changes would have been made in the CCNA certification since February 2020? It aims to confirm technical understanding and skills in a wide range of capabilities and expertise-new exams analyze security and network fundamentals skills, and programmability and automation capabilities. Applicants do not need any prerequisites to take the CCNA 200-301 exam. Nevertheless, Cisco still recommends that they have at least one year of Cisco solution experience in addition to necessary IP addressing knowledge. They should also be proficient in network basics. The new CCNA certification exam will replace all these certifications: •CCNA cooperation • CCNA Cloud •CCNA Industry • CCNA wireless • CCNA security •CCNA Industry •CCNA Data Center • CCNA wireless • CCNA service provider • CCNA routing and switching These assistant-level certifications will all be merged into the new CCNA and will be in addition to CCNA routing and switching (entirely become CCNA). The wording of "certification" will be issued based on the courses taken or the exams passed. The information about this information is not yet clear but will be explained in more detail near the new exam's release date.

Is the new CCNA certification still worth it?

New CCNA Exam: CCNA 200-301 has been significantly upgraded in the syllabus. To keep up with IT progress's ever-changing pace, Cisco now includes topics corresponding to wireless networks, security, and network automation in its syllabus. The new syllabus prepares professionals more effectively to perform complex tasks in this too advanced IT industry. You can get the new CCNA 200-301 syllabus here. Possessing a CCNA certification can also provide evidence to the hiring manager that you have a strong network concept for the job, and you have been certified to prove it. Moreover, CCNA certification has been recognized and recognized globally. The CCNA certification is valid for three years from the date of acquisition, and you can renew it, bypassing the CCNA exam again or obtaining any higher-level professional certification (CCNP).

The benefits of Cisco certification

Therefore, in the end, we can be sure that obtaining CCNA certification is still worthwhile. The increasingly sophisticated trend in network technology indicates that there will be a severe shortage of qualified network professionals, which is a good reason for entry.

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