What is the pass rate for the CCNP exam?

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I. CCNP Encor 350-401 Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification validates advanced skills for enterprise network engineers. The 350-401 ENCOR exam is a critical part of the CCNP Enterprise certification, assessing foundational knowledge across various enterprise networking domains. This 120 minute exam consists of 45-55 exam questions on network fundamentals, ip connectivity and routing, network assurance, security, and automation.  Passing the 350-401 ENCOR is required before taking one of the specialist concentration exams. Comprehensive study guides and training courses are essential for success on the ENCOR exam given its broad scope covering multiple enterprise network technologies and concepts.

Specifically, the CCNP Enterprise certification focuses on skills for complex enterprise networks using Cisco technologies. 
The current CCNP Enterprise certification has two exams:

  • 350-401 ENCOR - covers core enterprise network technologies like network assurance, infrastructure, security, automation, and programmability.
  • The corresponding specialist exam - goes in-depth into a specific technology area like networking, security, wireless, or automation. 

II. CCNP Passing Scores

Given the exam's difficulty and focus on specialized network skills, the pass rate for the CCNP ENCOR 350-401 exam is around 75% on average.; Cisco never publishes the exam passing scores because test questions, as well as passing scores, are subject to change without prior notice. But you might be able to increase your chance of clearing the same, if you acquire proper training and education, we would recommend you to obtain the CCNP Dumps from a well-reputed dumps provider, like the SPOTO. The CCNP Enterprise certification is valued for validating an engineer's skills in deploying and managing advanced enterprise networks.   Strong hands-on skills and thorough preparation with study materials gives candidates the best chance of passing this in-demand Cisco certification exam.

III. Skills Measured by CCNP Certification

Cisco Certified Network Professionals would be able to:

  • Configure and Implement an EIGRP based solution. 
  • Formulating a multi-area OSPF Network and configuring OSPF routing. 
  • Executing an eBGP based solution and configuring eBGP routing. 
  • Setup an IPv6 based solution as well as document implementation results. 
  • Executing and configuring an IPv4 or IPv6 redistribution solution. 

After going through your first concentration exam, CCNPs would require to earn Specialization certifications for each additional concentration exam that would have passed. CCNP Exam Formats: Exams would be comprised of multiple testing formats consisting of multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, simlet, testlet, and simulations. Exploring the Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial at Cisco.com would help you out in familiarizing yourself with these question types.


Becoming CCNP certified would be able to demonstrate to the potential hiring managers that you would have mastered the skills as well as knowledge that would be required for planning, verifying, implementing, as well as troubleshooting a network. More so, the CCNP certification would be able to demonstrate that you are totally dedicated and committed to your career. SPOTO ENCOR Dumps offers 100% real as well as valid Cisco CCNP practice exams, for the candidates who wish to achieve success in the first attempt. You wouldn’t be willing to waste time and money on looking for worthless study materials, as here we have totally reliable study materials. So get the SPOTO CCNP Dumps directly to get success in your CCNP Exam.

CCNP Enterprise would be ready to demonstrate competence as a knowledgeable network engineer. This new CCNP certification would be ready to take under consideration the escalating inter-connectivity of workers, hardware, also as applications within the organization, enabling CCNP Enterprise certificate holders for competing in the rapidly growing networking space. This credential is considered to be appropriate for IT professionals with 3 to 5 years of relevant experience who could independently manage the Cisco network technologies. In order to become CCNP Enterprise certified, you are required to pass two exams: one in core network technologies, along with one in a concentration of your choice. The concentration exam would be enabling you for targeting your CCNP to a specific job role. Beyond achieving your CCNP Enterprise, each additional concentration test would be able to you pass earns you an individual Specialization certificate for validating your updated skill set. The CCNP concentration exam options would be including areas such as wireless networking, network design, and automation, and many more. Cisco Certified Network Professionals are considered to be best suited for the roles like the network engineer, network administrator, as well as help desk technician. Before we get into the passing rate, you should consider the skills which are measured by the CCNP Certification.About SPOTO CCNA Pass Rate.

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