Which cloud certification is best?

2021-01-09 08:48:45 SPOTO Club Microsoft,AWS,CCNA 97
As shown in the past few years, the cloud service market is expected to grow exponentially before 2022. Gartner predicts that the cloud market's value will reach $214.3 billion by the end of 2019. With such high growth, it is easy to observe why becoming knowledgeable in the cloud will help any IT service professional. The pursuit of top-level cloud certification is considered the only way to acquire knowledge to secure new roles.

Why is cloud authentication considered necessary?

Certification shows current and potential employers that you will be excited about this job and willing to go beyond. By evaluating your knowledge against industry best practices, they will help you prove that you have the skills to work in the cloud. Vendor-neutral certification will show that you will have the necessary knowledge to work in any application. However, if you want to target a specific role or your company wants to implement a particular platform, you can adopt vendor-specific certification. Either way, if you have no relationship with your current or future employer, getting a certificate on your resume will not help.

Here is a list of some of the best cloud certifications:

1. AWS Certified Solution Architect-Professional

Amazon Web Services is considered one of the most popular cloud platforms around, so getting certified in its solutions will be able to help you get a role almost anywhere. This certification program will be able to teach you about designing scalable applications on AWS. Specifically, the Certified Solutions Architect-Professional certification will teach you how to protect your infrastructure from encryption, DDoS attacks, manage multiple accounts, and move large amounts of data.

2. CompTIA Cloud + certification

If you are not ready for advanced certification, then CompTIA Cloud+ is considered the right entry certification. This certificate is suitable for personnel with two to three years of experience in data center management, storage, and networking. If you want to learn more about virtual data center management and infrastructure, then CompTIA Cloud + can serve as your guide to optimize such services. And it is considered one of the few certifications that have nothing to do with the supplier. The certificate will not be limited to a single function such as network or security.

3. Cisco CCNA Cloud

Cisco's CCNA Cloud is considered a role-specific certification designed to help cloud administrators, engineers, and network engineers transition to higher functions. Obtaining this cloud certification will also give you the ability to help your company evolve with changes in business and technical requirements. There are no prerequisites for this certification, but you can participate in related Cisco training courses to prepare for the exam. After Cisco's reform on Feb 24, 2020, the CCNA cloud has been placed by CCNA. You need to pass a single exam 200-301 exam to get the CCNA certification.

4. Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert

Microsoft's Azure Solution Architect certification can help you use its proprietary platform to gain advanced skills and learn how to decode business needs into scalable, secure cloud solutions. You will evaluate your skills in infrastructure, security, application deployment, cloud development, data authentication, and cloud solution design. Like the certificate above, this is considered a role-specific certificate designed to help you become a cloud architect. Because this is regarded as an expert certification, you need to have cloud development experience and a pre-administrator. If you want to obtain any of the above cloud certification careers, you should check the SPOTO IT exam dump to be successful the first time.  

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