Which Is Best - CCIE or CCNA?

2024-01-17 10:37:50 SPOTO Club CCIE,CCNA 973

To understand that which certification is best, amongst the two, we would have to first have an overview of both certifications.

The CCIE and CCNA are the networking certification provided by Cisco at different levels. Each has a different scope and syllabus. It depends on the candidate to choose the best one which matches their skills and interests accordingly.

The CCNA otherwise known as Cisco Certified Network Associate has become one of the most highly reputed entry-level networking certifications in the Networking industry. The core objective of this Cisco certification would be to provide an associate-level certification for enthusiasts as well as beginners who already have some experience with networking. Candidates who would be interested in the CCNA program need to undergo testing and training in the installation, maintaining, and troubleshooting of Cisco’s medium networking devices. They would be also tested and trained in the troubleshooting as well as the installation of end-to-end networking.

The CCIE otherwise known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification is believed to be the establishment of assisting the industry in distinguishing the top echelon of internetworking experts worldwide as well as in assessing Expert-level infrastructure network design skills worldwide.

These certifications would be generally accepted worldwide as the most prestigious networking certifications in the industry. CCIE Certification Programs has created a status of leading the networking industry in deep technical networking knowledge and is deployed into the most technically challenging network assignments.

In short, if I give you an example between CCNA and CCIE that is CCNA is a beginner level certification course and CCIE certification is an advanced level certification.

Hence getting jobs after CCNA is always difficult but after CCIE Certification, jobs are 100% Guaranteed.

So here you might have known the difference between both the certification.

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Cisco CCIE certification is the highest and the expert level certification by Cisco Systems and is offered in various technologies like Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center, Collaboration, etc. After the completion of your CCIE certification, you would gain your CCIE number which would be validating your skills of implementing, designing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting complex Cisco networks.

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CCNA is considered to be the basics for networking as well as dealing with Cisco switches and routers. People would prefer CCNA Cisco Certification over others is because Cisco would be arguably the biggest player when it comes to IT-Networking as well as the majority of the organizations have Cisco equipment. Hence Cisco Certification has quite its value.

CCNA is believed to be virtually a gateway to networking as it would be explaining fundamental concepts clearly. It is also considered as a prerequisite to other courses like the CCNP. If you would be certified early in the career, you could start searching your area of interest in the field like the Security, Data Center, Service Provider, Wireless, etc. and start working towards it.


Well, I would say that both certifications are considered to be quite valuable in the market. It depends on the skill-set of an individual, to select the best amongst the two. CCNA Certification is best for the beginners, whereas the CCIE Certification is considered for the professionals, who are having some experience in the IT Sector. Whether you go for any of the above-mentioned certifications, the best bet to gain it would be acquiring the latest and reliable Study Dumps from SPOTO Club.