All You Need to Know--Key Points of Cisco Live 3rd Webinar on CCIE EI Exam

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We all know that Cisco has launched new Cisco certification programs since February 24, 2020. One of the significant changes is that CCIE Routing & Switching is retired and evolves to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. To make candidates know more about the CCIE EI exam, the third webinar of Cisco Live series webinars was held on May 27, 2020. If you missed it, never mind! This blog will show you the key points about this webinar. In general, this webinar mainly introduced some knowledge points of the CCIE EI exam. We will pick up the most useful content for you.

What is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification?

· The CCIE EI Certification is a faithful continuation of CCIE R$S, explicitly targeting enterprise environments. · The new CCIE EI program is job-environment-and role-oriented, not just differentiated by technology.

CCIE EI Lab Exam Format and Required Software and Hardware Devices

CCIE EI is an 8-hour practical exam focusing on technologies widely used in the enterprise environment and their lifecycle. It consists of a 3-hour design section and a 5-hour deploy/operate/optimize section. The lab topology is a hybrid of the virtual and physical topology · vlOS, vlOS-L2, CSR1000v, vBond, vSmart, vManage, vEdge/cEdge, ISE · DNA Center, Catalyst 9300 Series · Debian/GNU Linux VMs as end hosts/servers

Domains of CCIE EI Lab Exam

Network Infrastructure, Transport Technologies and Solutions, and Infrastructure Security and Services domains (accounting for 60% together) are heavily borrowed from the CCIE R&S domains. While Software Defined Infrastructure (25%) and Infrastructure Automation and Programmability (15%) are the brand-new domains. 1. Network Infrastructure—Covering classic network technologies
  • Ethernet switching in campus networks
  • IP routing concepts and shared routing protocol topics
  • EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, Multicast
  • Borrows heavily from the associated CCIE R&S blueprint domains

2.Software Defined Infrastructure—Covering software-defined networking technologies
  • SD-Access
  • SD-WAN
  • Brand-new blueprint domain
  • While SD-Access consists of many components, blueprint focuses on the networking part of the solution
  • No focus on DNAC features besides those related to SDA
  • No focus on ISE, no interaction needed with it, though access is provided
  • Cisco is very reasonable - They said these technologies are new for everyone

3.Transport Technologies and Solutions—Covering (mostly) WAN transport technologies.
  • DMVPN (troubleshooting only, no deployment from scratch)
  • Borrows heavily from the associated CCIE R&S blueprint domains

4.Infrastructure Security and Services—covering a fairly broad range of supplementary tools and services
  • Device & Network Security
  • System Management
  • Quality of Service
  • Network Services
  • IP SLAs, Tracking, Flexible NetFlow
  • Traffic Capture, IOS-XE Troubleshooting Tools
  • Borrows heavily from the associated CCIE R&S blueprint domains

5. Infrastructure Automation and Programmability—Covering topics related to device and task automation through programmability and APIs
  • JSON and XML formats for data encoding
  • Scripting in EEM, use of Python scripts in EEM and in Guest shell
  • Use of APIs
  • vManage 1 DNA Center 1 IOS-XE API with Python, Postman, ncclient, requests
  • Model-driven telemetry
  • Brand new blueprint domain
  • This part also is technologies are new for everyone

How to prepare for the new domains in CCIE EI?

What has been mentioned above is useful information about this webinar. If you want to prepare for the CCIE EI lab exam, you must be wondering about how to prepare for the new domains in CCIE El? Don't worry. It is a common difficulty that all of us are facing. About Software Defined Infrastructure SDA and DNAC availability to candidates is a concern due to the need for physical equipment. However, if everyone were to buy the physical equipment on their own, it would be costly. I guess that some of you are starting to find out how much the DNA Center costs. Also, how to set up the experimental environment is going to be difficult. Also, Cisco gave some links for you to use sandboxes, courses, tutorials, and examples on:

Now that you have gone through the highlights about the CCIE EI exam, what valuable products will SPOTO offer and help you pass the Lab exam? Let's move on to it!

SPOTO's CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training Course

SPOTO has launched the CCIE EI online training courses in May including 1) SD-Access Elementary Course 2) SD-WAN Elementary Course 3) SD-Access Advanced Course 4) SD-WAN Advanced Course 5) Automation and Programmability A lot of our candidates are studying this training course now and give high praise for our courses.

What's more, SPOTO will introduce RACK RENTAL service in June

The rack equipment is what will be used in the real LAB exam, which means that you don't need to buy the expensive rack by yourself. You can simply rent SPOTO's rack to practice and grasp these technologies before the exam. For more details about the CCIE EI training course and rack rental service, please contact us at any time! More about Lab Exam SPOTO now provide CCIE LAB Service with the CCIE Tracks (Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Data Center, and Service Provider, wireless, Collaboration)
  1. We offer three months of service and rack practice.
  2. We count lab service period follow your time (when we send lab materials)
  3. For example, if you plan to attempt the exam on October 30, we will provide pass materials on August 1
Our lab service package includes
  1. Workbook and solution, all materials are the same as the real exam. You will face it come from our materials when you take the exam.
  2. We provide racks to practice. The racks include IOS, init configuration, and so on.
  3. If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice, our tutor will help you to solve it through TeamView.
  4. We provide tutorial videos that explain workbook and solution, which also show you how to config one section by one section.
In conclusion We hope that the highlights of the CCIE EI exam will benefit you a lot. Attention, there will be another 5 webinars about the scope, overview, and preparation of CCIE certification, including CCIE Security, Data Center, Collaboration, Service Provider, and Enterprise Wireless held by Cisco in the next few weeks. If you are interested in the updated news about Cisco certifications and exams, please follow SPOTO to move one step ahead of others! Related reading: SPOTO CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Online Training Courses Launched Now! Newest Update!-Spotlights of 2020 Cisco Live 2nd Webinar on CCIE Lab Environment and Delivery Engine

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