1 Mintue to Know the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam

2024-01-12 16:16:38 SPOTO Club CCIE Lab 600
The Cisco CCIE Wireless Lab Exam would be about eight-hour long, hands-on exam which are going to be required by the candidates to configure, diagnose, as well as troubleshoot a series of complex network scenarios. The candidate would be required to understand about how the network as well as service components would be interoperating, and how the functional requirements are translated into specific device configurations. The CCIE Wireless Lab exam would be made up of two modules:
  • Module 1: Diagnostic Module
  • Module 2: Configuration Module and Troubleshooting Module
These modules would be delivered in a fixed sequence: Candidates are going to start with the Diagnostic module, which would be followed by the Configuration and Troubleshooting module. The entire lab exam would be lasting up to eight hours. The Diagnostic module is considered to be a fixed in the time limit, which is 60 minutes. If a candidate finishes this module before the designated time allowed to them, the candidate would have to wait until the 60 minutes come to an end, before they proceed to the Configuration as well as Troubleshooting module. Module 1: Diagnostic Module: The Diagnostic module would be focused on the skills that would be required to properly diagnose the network issues; it would be all about the act or process of identifying the root cause of the problem. The objective of this module would be to demonstrate that the candidate would be able to analyze network issues, identify, as well as describing the root cause of an issue. It can also be identifying series of events that would be leading to an issue, by correlating as well as discerning information from multiple sources like the email threads, console outputs, network topology diagrams, logs, and even traffic captures. Module 2: Configuration & Troubleshooting Module: In the Configuration and Troubleshooting module, the candidates would be needed to demonstrate that they could be implementing specific functionality, while respecting specific requirements and restrictions which are provided within a set of documentation. Candidates would be needed to demonstrate that they understand how different technologies and features interoperating, how they could verify implemented solutions, as well as how they actually work. The Configuration and Troubleshooting module is going to provide a real enterprise wireless network scenario. If you are looking to pursue the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam and if you wish to have a valid CFG and TS DIAG Solutions, you could have it by joining the SPOTO CCIE Wireless Lab Solutions. SPOTO Wireless Lab Solutions: CCIE Wireless Lab Exam v3.1 Materials Content 1) Diagnostic module would have 3 sets, DIAG 1, DIAG 2, DIAG 3 2) Configuration and Troubleshooting module would have 1 set, LAB1 CCIE Wireless Lab Exam v3.1 Study Progress At SPOTO, you could be able to complete CCIE Wireess Lab online training within 8.5 weeks if you would be practicing lab materials 3 hours per day. Tutors as well as services are going to assist you along the whole preparation. Every module which you pursue comes with workbooks, solutions, as well as videos tutorial. You could watch videos first, and later practice lab materials. As for the lab study, videos, workbooks as well as solutions would be provided to the candidates. Videos would be able to strengthen the basic knowledge. Teacher will show about some hands-on experiments as well as make deep explanation on workbook and their solution. If you uncover doubt while practicing, teachers would have to assist you to solve the problem. After candidates finish the specific lab materials practice, the candidates would gain access to simulated real exam test. Only after testing about their success, teacher would suggest them to take exam, which in turn reduce the failure of the candidates to a minimum. So, choose SPOTO and gain the best lab materials, which would help you out to clear CCIE Lab exams in the very first attempt.