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Because CCNA technologies are so widespread, qualified people who hold the CCNA certification will continue to be in demand. After completing this CCNA course, you'll be qualified to sit for ..the CCNA exam and demonstrate that you possess the fundamental abilities required of a network administrator.

Question 1

If you delete the contents of NVRAM and reboot the router, what mode will you be in? 

A. Privileged mode

B. Global mode

C. Setup mode

D. NVRAM loaded mode 

Correct answer: C


Question 2


You type the following command into the router and receive the following output:

Router#show serial 0/0

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Why was this error message displayed?

A. You need to be in privileged mode.

B. You cannot have a space between serial and 0/0.

C. The router does not have a serial0/0 interface.

D. Part of the command is missing.  

Correct answer: D


Question 3

You type Router#sh ru and receive a % ambiguous command error. Why did you receive this message? 

A. The command requires additional options or parameters.

B. There is more than one show command that starts with the letters ru.

C. There is no show command that starts with ru.

D. The command is being executed from the wrong router mode.


Correct answer: B


Question 4

Which of the following commands will display the current IP addressing and the layer 1 and 2 status of an interface? (Choose two.)

A. show version

B. show interfaces

C. show controllers

D. show ip interface

E. show running-config


Correct answer: BD


Question 5


At which layer of the OSImodel would you assume the problem is if you type show interface serial 1 and receive the following message?

Serial1 is down, line protocol is down

A. Physical layer

B. Data Link layer

C. Network layer

D. None; it is a router problem.


Correct answer: A


Question 6


What does the command confreg 0x2142 provide?


A. It is used to restart the router.

B. It is used to bypass the configuration in NVRAM.

C. It is used to enter ROM monitor mode.

D. It is used to view the lost password.


Correct answer: D


Question 7


Which command will copy the IOS to a backup host on your network?

A. transfer IOS to

B. copy run start

C. copy tftp flash

D. copy start tftp

E. copy flash tftp


Correct answer: E


Question 8


You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem in your corporate network and want to isolate the problem. You suspect that a router on the route to an unreachable network is at fault.

What IOS user exec command should you issue?

A. Router>ping

B. Router>trace

C. Router>show ip route

D. Router>show interface

E. Router>show cdp neighbors


Correct answer: B


Question 9


You copy a configuration from a network host to a routers RAM. The configuration looks correct, yet it is not working at all. What could theproblem be?

A. You copied the wrong configuration into RAM.

B. You copied the configuration into flash memory instead.

C. The copy did not override the shutdown command in running-config.

D. The IOS became corrupted after the copy command was initiated.


Correct answer: C


Question 10


A network administrator wants to upgrade the IOS of a router without removing the image currently installed. What command will display the

amount of memory consumed by the current IOS image and indicate whether there is enough room available to hold both the current and newimages?

A. show version

B. show flash

C. show memory

D. show buffers

E. show running-config


Correct answer: B


This self-directed learning approach can help you gain industry-recognized certifications since it has interactive learning environments, step-by-step lectures, and personalized learning routes. You will be able to increase your knowledge of common CCNA technologies by employing this technique.