How Can I Pass The PMP Exam Quickly

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HowCanIPass hePMPExamQuickly

How Can I Pass The PMP Exam Quickly?

You can quickly earn your PMP certification if you put forth consistent, disciplined work. In less than a month or 30 days, you can finish your studies and pass the exam.

Most people have been trained to believe that passing the exam will take at least 3-6 months. Some individuals think it takes longer than a year to figure it out. You can, however, ace the test in a couple of days. You can pass the exam in 10, 14, or 21 days with some targeted study. You might be astonished to learn that some people succeed in less than a week.

Although passing the PMP in a short amount of time is challenging, it is not impossible.

If you are dedicated and follow a structured study regimen, you will most likely pass the exam swiftly.

This article will explain the quickest technique to pass the credential test. Using this technique, you may make a study schedule and ace the test immediately.

What should we do?

To pass the exam, you must study for roughly 120 hours.

You can finish these 120 hours of study in two weeks if you so want. If willing, you can prolong your schedule to 21 days or squeeze 120 hours into ten days.

Let's use two weeks as an example to develop a plan for acing the exam quickly.

The amount of study you must complete in 14 days, or two weeks, is 120 hours. This implies that we must study for roughly nine hours each day.

You will need to put off your other everyday obligations for two weeks to focus only on your PMP preparation.

To pass the exam in two weeks, there are five steps. The first four steps require investment in a training program and study materials.

The primary strategy is revealed in the final stage, but you can't begin it until you've finished the first four. The last phase offers advice on what and how to study, as well as how to spend your day.

The following five steps will make it easier for you to ace the test.

1. Sign up for an online training course
You must complete a 35-hour training program to sit for the PMP test. Start by registering for a reputable online training course.

You will have scheduling flexibility if you take an online course. Don't think about anything else because you must be very flexible to squeeze in your studies.

Because SPOTO's "PMP® training Online" is outfitted with the most thorough study materials and the most understanding teaching groups, you can select one of their online courses.

After completing the SPOTO PMP course, you'll know all the methods that improve decision-making.
The link "" will take you to a page where you may read more about the information you require.

You will receive all the tools and study material needed to complete the exam as part of a good training program. You can focus on your studies without worrying about the curriculum or the required readings.

2. Purchase a physical copy of the PMBOK Guide.
For PMI members, a digital copy of the PMBOK Guide is accessible without charge, and it is typically advantageous to join PMI before registering for the exam. However, as a paper copy is simpler to read and refer to, I would advise you to get a printed copy of the handbook. You may easily highlight significant passages in the text and take notes if you'd like.

3. Get a Reliable Reference Book.
Reading quality books is usually beneficial when getting ready for a test. Although the PMBOK Guide is the most OK book for exam preparation, you will also need a decent reference book to aid your research.

4. Purchase a Reliable Simulator
Before taking the exam, you should do a lot of practice questions. While you are reading through the chapters of the PMBOK Guide, you should answer some questions. After reading all the branches, you should take 3-5 lengthy tests.

Utilizing an excellent PMP simulator would be beneficial for practicing mock exams.

You can experience the natural test setting with the help of a suitable simulator. It will confirm your understanding and boost your confidence before the exam.

5. How Should I Use My 9 Hours a Day?
The most crucial thing is this. It discusses the daily routine you should adhere to as you study for the test.

PMI recommends the PMBOK Guide and the Agile Practice Guide as the primary reference volumes.

The Agile Practice Guide has seven chapters, while the PMBOK Guide has 13. About four chapters of the Agile Practice Guide are equivalent to one branch of the PMBOK Guide. Therefore, we can assume that you must read 15 chapters before taking the exam.

You also need to complete 3-5 full-length practice tests in addition to the chapters.

To finish the chapters and practice exams, use the following strategy:

in the first ten days, complete all the branches.
Aim to finish the course's 1.5 chapters per day; this will take you ten days.
Within the following four days, practice 3-5 full-length exams.
You should always start your day with the training course videos. Watch the videos about the chapters you will be studying that day. This will take you two to three hours.

After seeing the video, you should read the chapters from your chosen reference book and the PMBOK Guide. You should spend roughly 4-5 hours on this.