Launching Your Career with the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification

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Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification

I. Exam Introduction

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MDAA) certification requires passing two examinations, the first of which is the MD-100. The Windows 10 element of the MD-100 certification and the desktop administration portion of the MD-101 certification are prerequisites for the MDAA. The MD-100 exam measures a system administrator's proficiency in installing Windows and overseeing its services.

At a beginner's level, the MD-100 exam is made to assess an administrator's knowledge of deploying, installing, and maintaining Windows. This is true because the MDAA, an associate-level certification, is focused on the duties and skills expected of young administrators or administrators starting in their careers.

A person who has completed the MD-100 exam is familiar with the tools and user interfaces for managing Windows and will comprehend the major ideas involved in managing a large number of Windows devices. Because it focuses on a specific and constrained collection of information while ensuring that you are fully used to the tools necessary to manage a Windows 10 enterprise network, the MD-100 is the ideal exam for newly hired administrators.

II. Exam Requirements

There isn't much experience required before taking the MD-100 because it is an associate-level certificate designed for administrators who are just starting in their careers. To pass the exam, you won't need to rely on on-the-job experience, but that doesn't mean it will be simple.

The MD-100 relies more on knowledge obtained "by the book" than it does on knowledge gained on the job. Before someone begins their job as a desktop administrator, Windows wants to make sure they start with the proper methods for deploying and managing Windows, in its opinion. In other words, you might be at a disadvantage with the MD-100 if you've been working out Windows on your own for years, specifically if you never actually learned the "correct" techniques for managing users in Azure Active Directory or defining mobility settings.

All things considered, before taking the MD-100, you should have management and configuration knowledge of the Windows operating system. However, spending some time with one of the many courses available to assist you to pass the MD-100 will give you the finest experience before you attempt it. An MD-100 course will make clear the kinds of responses Microsoft is seeking and the information they anticipate you to possess.

III. Exam Cost

The Microsoft MD-100 exam costs 165 USD for each candidate.

IV. Number Of Exam Questions

All candidates are required to finish 40-60 questions in 120 minutes.

V. Salary Levels For Certificates

1. Towards Acquiring the Sought-After Microsoft Certification

You are well aware of how widely accepted the Microsoft MD-100 exam is on a global scale. It shouldn't surprise you that obtaining the related certification, known as the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate would open up a wide range of wonderful chances for you. However, bear in mind that the MD-101 is the second requirement, with the Microsoft Certification serving as the first, before obtaining the aforementioned designation.

2. Shows You As a Self-Motivated Professional

Any person who decides to sign up for and subsequently pass a difficult Microsoft certification exam like the MD-100 without being inhibited by the mental, financial, and other types of stress that accompany it must maintain an attitude of great dedication, inspiration, and endurance. And hiring managers watch out for this as one of the things that can get you fired. Therefore, you wouldn't want to ignore this, would you?

3. Important Resource for the Organization

Additionally, if you pass the MD-100 Microsoft Windows Client exam, you will be recognized as productive and essential in terms of both the relevant technical expertise and the industry-recognized soft skills, including the capacity to work under pressure, effective time management, rapid learning, etc. Of course, these kinds of abilities can propel you far above.

4. Enhance Your Career Outlook in General

Of course, it doesn't need to be emphasized again that you will have a plethora of high-paying job opportunities as a result of the aforementioned advantages. As a result, if you can demonstrate that you have the necessary expertise to pass the related MD-100 test, you will be in high demand for positions like System Administrator, Windows Systems Engineer, Desktop Support Specialist, and many more. According to Payscale, you can expect an attractive average compensation of up to $62,979 per year with the designation of System Administrator and up to $78,617 with the designation of Windows Systems Engineer.

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