What would be the difference between a CCNA and a CCNP?

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Cisco has put down the Certifications that it would be provided to individuals based on the experience, knowledge, and exposure towards all these concepts. There would be about five different levels of Certifications that are offered by Cisco.

CCNA VS CCNP: Overview

What is CCNA?

CCNA is the contraction of the Cisco Certified Network Associate. Its name suggests that it would be one of the most sought Certificates those individuals in this line of work tend to attempt. An individual with this Certification would be expected to showcase his or her ability to install, configure, troubleshoot, and operate routed and networked switches.

What is CCNP?

CCNP is the contraction of Cisco Certified Network Professional, and it would be standing as an intermediate level of Certification amongst the plethora of Certification options offered by Cisco. This Certification would be aimed at professionals who would be tending for working on the WAN, concept based on LAN of a Network infrastructure. An individual could attain this Certification if he or she has been able to showcase his or her ability regarding planning, implement, troubleshooting, and verifying the LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) infrastructure.

CCNA VS CCNP: Key Difference

Suppose you wish to distinguish both of these Certifications. In that case, CCNA is considered an associate-level certification that would be testing an individual's knowledge of the fundamentals of switching and routing. Whereas on the other hand, CCNP is deemed a much more mature and advanced Certification that would be demanding much more in-depth knowledge. It also would require a perfect understanding of the concepts of LAN, WAN, and how these work in conjunction. • CCNP Certification previously would stand at the third level over CCNA and CCENT, which has changed now as the CCENT Certification is now retired, making the CCNP second level. • As Per the Certifications achieved, CCNP is believed to be a much more knowledgeable one as it tests the deeper understandings of the Security and Networking aspects of a given network. • Based on this, it is evident that the CCNA Certification could be given without any prerequisites. Still, if you would be willing to provide a CCNP, you are supposed to be clearing the CCNA Certification and the CCIE Certification.

CCNA Vs. CCNP: Career Difference

The Certifications CCNA and CCNP should be pretty clear by now, following the details that would be presented in the sections above. Based on these, there would be a definite difference in the opportunities you would receive based on the completion of these Certifications. In simpler words, completing each of these Certifications would be translated into different Career paths as well. Taking up just a CCNA would be leading you to junior roles such as the Helpdesk Engineer, Network Support Engineer, First or Second line support Engineer, or a Network Technician. Taking up a CCNP along with a CCNA would be able to help you out in boosting your career, thereby allowing you to try at the roles such as Systems Engineer, Third Line Support, or a Network Specialist. Now that you have acquired all the knowledge regarding the CCNA and CCNP and the similarities and differences in both the certifications, you would be looking forward to obtaining both of them in your first attempt. It would help if you went for the SPOTO CCNA Exam Dumps and SPOTO CCNP Exam Dumps to achieve success in your very first attempt.

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