What would be the eligibility to take up the CISA certification exam?

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The Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA certification holders are recognized globally focused on the control, audit, and security of IS (information systems). It would be highly respected certification in the field of IT audit, security, risk management, as well as governance. For securing this certification, you are required to satisfy the CISA requirements. So, utilize this information for discovering these requirements as well as determining your CISA eligibility. Below mentioned are the CISA Eligibility, and if you have met all the requirements, you should obtain the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps, to obtain success in the first attempt.

CISA Requirements

ISACA, the organization that would have created the CISA, explains that they would be awarded the certification to individuals with an interest in Information Systems auditing, controlling, and security once those individuals would be fulfilling the following requirements: 1. Passing the CISA exam 2. Meeting the work experience requirements 3. Applying for the CISA certification You don’t have to clear the CISA exam before you have met the work experience requirements, but most candidates do. And you are required to have passed the exam and acquired the work experience before you could receive the CISA certification no matter the order in which you are required to accomplish these tasks. Then, once you would have earned the CISA certification, you should do the following for maintaining it: 1. Adhering to ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics 2. Completing the Continuing Professional Education program requirements 3. Complying with the Information Systems Auditing Standards As you could see, the CISA certification requirements aren’t very complicated. But, as is the case with any certification, meeting them would involve time, effort, and money. You could decide if the commission would be worth it by learning more about each of these requirements.

CISA Certification Requirements

As mentioned, the requirements for earning the CISA certification would be clearing the CISA exam, accumulating the work experience like auditing experience, as well as submitting the CISA certification application.

CISA Exam Requirement

As mentioned, the CISA requirement that most candidates would be able to satisfy first is the CISA exam requirement. For meeting this requirement, you should clear the CISA exam. But which requirements you are required to meet for CISA exam eligibility? Well, though the CISA would have requirements such as many other certifications, the CISA exam requirements would be unique in that you don’t require meeting any prerequisites for taking the CISA exam. Yes, it is quite right; ISACA doesn’t require having any CISA exam eligibility requirements. All ISACA expects of CISA exam candidates would be that they have an interest in IS auditing, control, and security. However, ISACA would have designed the CISA exam for testing your knowledge of information systems as well as information technology audit, assurance, control, and security at a deep level. Therefore, clearing the exam would require a significant amount of familiarity with these areas, as the CISA exam syllabus would be proving.

CISA Exam Content

The purpose of the CISA exam would be to test candidates on the same tasks they would perform in professional IT positions. Therefore, the CISA exam would be dividing those tasks between 5 different domains.

Below mentioned are the domains:

1. Information System Auditing Process (21%) 2. Governance and Management of IT (17%) 3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation (12%) 4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience (23%) 5. Protection of Information Assets (27%) As you could see, domains 4 and 5 would be representing more than half of the overall syllabus. For this reason, you are required to be committing a lot of study time for these domains. However, you couldn’t neglect the other fields, as they would also be significant.

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