HCIE VS CCIE: Which One is Better?

2024-01-16 07:32:18 SPOTO Club CCIE,Huawei 1936
Which is better, HCIE or CCIE? This question arises in the mind of IT Candidates. Now, let’s discuss them in detail to find out which would be better to pursue.
  • HCIE is the certification that is going to be offered by Huawei while CCIE certification is being offered by Cisco both of which have high global recognition.
  • The worldwide market share of Huawei devices is about only 1% while Cisco Certification would be holding 70% of the market for networking devices, but that doesn’t mean that Huawei would be having no value.
So, you could consider these two major points of comparison and now, you could easily imagine the scope of both the certifications. But before that, whether you opt for any of this certification, you should check out the courses, which are being offered with the SPOTO Club.

Scope of HCIE:

If you are going to pursue the HCIE certification, then your job opportunities might be limited to a few companies who would be utilizing the Huawei networking devices. There might be not many jobs, but as you acquire this certification, you would be demanded in these companies and hence, it could prove to be very beneficial for you.

Scope of CCIE:

Cisco certifications are considered to be the most prestigious IT certification in the world and it would be revealing its scope. According to the stats, there would be only 55000 CCIE certified engineers worldwide and the industries are going to need over 500,000 CCIE certified engineers. Now, you can see the job opportunities available and can imagine your growth in the future. Get more hcie jobs click there To put it in simple words, there is no comparison between HCIE and CCIE as both having differences, they both are very much beneficial to pursue.

Is there a difference between CCIE and HCIE?

Many people wouldn’t be very clear about the relevant information. So, let’s discuss the similarities as well as the difference between both of the Certifications. Similarity:
  1. They each have a lot of technical direction, like route exchange, security, etc.
  2. Basically more comprehensive in technology, most of the public technical knowledge as well as a small part of private technology.
  3. All IT industry network top certification.


Cisco's CCIE certification has been entering China for almost 20 years. Huawei's HCIE can only be considered as an extension stage. This is not to say who is good and who is not good, but objectively describes the actual situation, but the overall domestic environmental test HCIE can learn more about Huawei's equipment. Some features and configurations are still very advantageous. Plus, they are still in the promotion stage. Therefore, the incentive for studying and testing is relatively large, and the overall cost is lower than the CCIE. There are differences in the examination methods. At present, the examination method is written +lab, HCIE has one more interview. The difficulty of interviewing is still relatively large. Because there are many human factors and the basic skills of the technology are relatively high, so the current HCIE candidates are major training institutions. Lecturer, but there are indeed many ordinary students who have cleared the HCIE exam. As far as the development prospects are concerned, CCIE because of the excessive number of exams passed (at present, the world is close to 5W people), the overall level is uneven, so there is a so-called paper, which lowers the overall salary level, but in the industry Efforts for 3-5 years, annual income of 20W is not a fantasy. Since the HCIE has just started, the prospects cannot be determined. Get more cisco ccie number verification click there. Hence, if you wish to have any of the certifications, you should gain the prep courses, which are being offered by the SPOTO Club, and enhance your chances to gain them.

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