CCIE Lab Booking Process-Step by Step Guide

2021-01-29 12:00:29 SPOTO Club CCIE 1414
The CCIE LAB exam or Cisco Certified Internet Expert lab exam is part of the two exams that must be passed before being certified by CCIE. The other is a written test. The steps to follow when booking a written exam are similar to those when booking other Cisco certification exams. However, passing the written test does not mean you will be certified. You still need to take and give the second part of the certification exam, the CCIE laboratory test. Here are the steps to book the CCIE Lab exam.

Step 1. Take the CCIE written test.

The CCIE written test is the first part of the CCIE exam. The second is the laboratory exam. Passing the written test is very important because it is the first step to book the CCIE LAB exam. How to ensure that you give the CCIE written test before you can proceed to the laboratory test? One way to take the CCIE written test is to register for the SPOTO online certification training course. All exercise questions and answers are 100% real, valid, and updated test items. Our company has always recorded a 100% pass rate for clients seeking certification.

Step 2. Check the location of the test center

After taking and passing the written test, the application for the CCIE LAB exam can be processed. First, check the CCIE LAB test location so that you can choose the test center nearest to you. If you live in the United States, you can book your exam at Research Triangle Park (RTP) or San Jose, California. Candidates from Asia can book the exam in Banglore, India; Beijing, the People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China; and Tokyo, Japan. There is a test center in each of the following regions: Sydney, Australia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; or Brussels, Belgium.

Step 3. Log in to your Cisco account and submit

You will need the following documents: • Cisco account •identification number • Date of passing the written test • Passing score in written test

Step 4. Choose an exam date

After logging in and providing all the required data, you can select the test date. If you are ready for laboratory testing, you can choose the earliest date. However, if you need more time to study, please select the date you think you are ready for the exam.

Step 5. Provide payment details

After selecting the date, you can only pay by wire transfer or credit card. Other payment methods will not be accepted. If you still need more preparation time, please register for the SPOTO online training course for the CCIE laboratory exam. Our terms include regular updates, simulated laboratory tests, 100% coverage of real exams, the latest laboratory exam feedback, 24/7 technical support, tutorial video guides, 100% pass guarantee. You will also get several sets of CCIE lab topologies to learn and familiarize yourself with the final lab exam. SPOTO also provides laboratory rack rental services. Although some IT professionals prefer to manufacture or purchase their laboratory racks, you can also rent one from SPOTO. If you want to pass the CCIE LAB exam and find the most reliable and understandable materials, you can now quickly get SPOTO.Get more ccie schedule lab online click there

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