How much does the CCIE lab exam cost?

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Once you would have passed the CCIE written exam( Get more ccie written price click there. ), you would be eligible for scheduling your CCIE lab and practical exam. Passing scores on written exams could be automatically downloaded from testing vendors, but might not appear immediately. We would suggest you wait ten days after your written exam before attempting to schedule the lab. If you want to pass CCIE Lab in the first try, you should opt for SPOTO 100% real CCIE Lab study materials for better preparation!

CCIE Lab Exam Cost

CCIE Lab, as well as the Practical Exam, would be about USD 1,600 per attempt, which wouldn’t be including travel and lodging expenses. CCIE certification costs might be varying due to exchange rates as well as local taxes. You would be responsible for any fees your financial institution might charge for completing the payment transaction. Full payments for lab exams must be made 90 days before the exam date for holding your reservation. Exams for which payment isn’t received by the price due date would be automatically dropped from the lab exam schedule. You could verify the payment due date on an exam you would have scheduled by logging in and viewing your Certification Status.

CCIE Certification Costs

This category could be considered your fixed certification . All of the rest of the costs would be technically optional and undoubtedly subjective. But you will be required to shell out at least $1,715 in testing costs. The written exam would be setting you back $315 and the lab exam, which would be costing you about $1,400. Unless you would be able to work for Cisco or have some certification discount with Cisco or Vue, then this is considered to be the bare minimum that you would be able to get away with paying if you desire a CCIE. Of course, these certification costs would be per attempt, so each time you would be able to fail a lab or written exam, the price rises.

Training/Study Materials

Most candidates would be able to spend a large portion of their CCIE budget on training costs. Whereas the certification costs would be fixed, travel expenses extra, and the training costs would vary greatly from candidate to candidate. You might have to spend about $6,500 on training. A large portion of this might be able to reimburse by your employer. If you wouldn’t get returned for some of your expenses, you would still have to be shelled the total amount for training. Believe it or not, there will be lots of candidates who would be dropping five-figures on CCIE training, some of them would be doing it totally out of their own pockets. If you wish to have excellent and reliable training materials, you should opt for the SPOTO CCIE Exam Dumps to succeed. Books anyone who would have bought IT certification or technical books which would be able to know that these would be able to big suckers could cost anywhere from $30 to upwards and occasionally over about $100. As you could see, there would be a dozen or so books that Internetwork Expert recommends for the Routing and Switching track. Accurate, most candidates don’t read all of these books or even just read the ones that they would b able to go from cover to cover, but I would guess that most candidates do read a good chunk of at least five books. So, if you wish to gain the CCIE Certification in a single attempt, you would obtain through SPOTO CCIE Lab Exam Dumps. SPOTO CCIE Lab Exam Dumps would have formulated by the experts who have the experience of about 17 years.

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