What are the PMP exam changes in 2020?

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Career opportunity would be knocking as the requirement for project talent continues to grow. Research indicates that employers must fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. This means skilled project managers are going to be in high demand. Even if the project manager isn’t considered part of your title, PMP Certification would be applying to anyone who would be helping bring a project to completion. Like a CPA validating expertise for accountants, the PMP would recognize your ability to manage projects and the hard work you would have done. PMI (Project Management Institute) would be announced that a change is going to hit the PMP (Project Management Professional) exam in January 2021.

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When is the PMP Exam Changing in 2021?

There would be three essential dates for remembering for those currently studying for the exam:
30 June 2019 PMI published the newest PMP Exam Content Outline
31 December 2020 This would be considered as the last day to take the present version of the PMP Exam.
2 January 2021 This would be considered as the first day to take the new version of the PMP Exam.

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What are the 2021 PMP Exam Changes?

A new PMP Examination Content Outline would have published on 30 June 2019. This document would be defining the syllabus or content of the PMP exam. This means that PMI would be currently updating the PMP exam for matching the new curriculum, and the latest exam would go into effect on 2 January 2021. Contrary to what many students and trainers might think, the PMP exam isn’t just based on The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). The PMBOK Guide would be only one of several references PMI utilizes for designing their PMP exam questions. Instead, the exam would be based on The PMP Examination Content Outline. A new version of this outline would be published in June 2019, and PMI would be utilizing this new outline as the basis to update the exam. The current PMP exam is considered based on five performance domains, but starting 2 January 2021, the exam would be based on three areas. These domains would be defined in the PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO).
Domain I Initiating People
Domain II Planning Process
Domain III Executing Business Environment
Domain IV Monitoring & Controlling
Domain V Closing

Here is what this change from 5 to 3 domains would mean:

• PMI would have published the new exam content outline on 30 June 2019. • The new framework is considered a radical but extremely valuable departure from all previous exam content outlines • The new PMP exam would require the candidates to have experience in and answer questions from three domains: • People (42%) • Process (50%) • Business Environment (8%) • Within each of these three domains, the exam content outline lists Tasks, which tells about what we project managers do and Enablers, which means the actions we take to complete the tasks. • PMI would also clearly states that about half of the examination would represent predictive project management approaches, and the other half would describe hybrid or agile methods. Now that you have acquired the knowledge regarding the exam changes and wish to obtain the PMP Certification before the changes hit the market, you should gain SPOTO PMP Dumps. If you want to clear your PMP exams and look for the most reliable and clear to understand the material, it is straightforward for you to gain it through SPOTO PMP Dumps. We would be presenting you with the most up-to-date questions & answers of PMP exams, precise according to the updated exam. SPOTO 100% pass dump Read more:

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