How Long Would It Take to Become a CCIE from CCNA?

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Most folks who would be pursuing a CCNA certification find that it is quite a time-consuming process. If you do it completely via self-study, a CCNA could take you months to achieve it and also, it is quite hard to achieve it in a single attempt, id the module is just self-study. The Professional-level Cisco certifications, as well as some of the specializations (CQS certifications), could take even longer because more exams would be involved as well as the general level of difficulty is higher. Of course, earning certifications might take you a lot less time from start to finish if you get yourself enrolled into some reliable boot camp like that offered at the SPOTO Club. There's simply so much you are required to know as well as master to clear the CCIE exams that you're in for a haul either way. Cisco has long stated that the average number of lab exam attempts for reaching a CCIE is between 2 and 3, but my experience by talking with many candidates is that the average is more likely to be four attempts if you choose to do it on your own. Get more verify ccna certificate online click there. 

Most folks who are considered to be highly motivated and let's keep it at that level since if you aren’t highly motivated, you would probably never achieve a CCIE in years. That is, once you could set the CCIE as a goal, with enough foundational understanding of what would be required to have a grasp on what it would take you to gain there; you could count on quite a long journey. To that point, goal-setting would be becoming a key part of the CCIE pursuit. So does project management; any large project would be needed to be broken into smaller segments, put in an order with well-defined goals as well as timelines at each stage, and tracked to completion. Without both of these skills in your bag, your journey would likely to be a bit longer and harder than it should be. Let's have a look at the phases of CCIE study:

  • Phase 1: Determining what's involved as well as considering options. Time required: Months to years; everyone would be having a different path to get to this point. ·        
  • Phase 2: Make the commitment. This, in real would be the culmination of phase 1.
  • Phase 3: Preparing for, taking, and clearing the written exam. Time required: 6 to 18 months. 
  • Phase 4: Preparing for the first lab exam. Time required: 9 to 15 months. 
  • Phase 5: Taking the lab exam. Time required: Minimum 30 days for scheduling. 
  • Phases 6 and on: Repeat step 5, usually it would be repeated more than once. Time required: 3 to 6 months, on an average per attempt. 

As I have worked through this list, it would have become quite clear to me that very little in the way of CCIE preparation timelines could be placed within well-defined mile-posts in a matter of time. In my case, from when I have set the goal until I completed the CCIE R&S certification, through the Study Materials offered at the SPOTO CLUB, it took me about three years ago (Before SPOTO), the elapsed time was 18 months. I also averaged and find out that about 6 weeks between lab exam attempts. Based on talking with a lot of other CCIEs, I think that both of these are shorter than average, but I know quite a few folks who have done it in a lot less as well as some who have taken a lot longer. Get more ccie id verification click there. So, if you plan to gain any of the Cisco Certification, you should check out the courses offered at the SPOTO CLUB.

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