What is the CISA Certification Exam?

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CISA is considered to be renowned worldwide as a standard for Business Systems and information technology professionals who would be auditing, monitoring, accessing, and controlling data. Being CISA certified would help employers identify candidates with knowledge, professional experience, and skills, including expertise in instituting control, managing vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance. To clear it, you will need to go through rigorous training. You could also rely on the SPOTO CISA Exam Practice tests to gain success in the single attempt.

What’s included in the CISA course?

The CISA course will be divided into five modules that would cover the complete scope of IS audits and review. Each of these modules is going to come with individual professional credits that would be reflected in the final certificate.

Module 1 – Auditing Information Systems

This would help the candidate gain the knowledge required for complying with the highest standards of information systems and provide the best audit practices as well. For organizations, this would mean that thorough protection and control of their business and information systems.

Module 2 – CISA’s Role in IT Governance

Topics that are to be covered in Module 2 would be able to help you to develop sound IS control practices as well as management mechanisms. Professionals who are certified could be proved as a boon to the organizations as they offer the assurance of best practices, including accountability, policies, and monitoring structures, to arrive at the desired IT governance.

Module 3 – CISA’s Infrastructure Lifecycle Management and Role in Systems

This module would be covering the methodologies and processes that modern organizations employ while reinventing or changing the infrastructure components of their application systems. Like the material covered in the other topics, these modules will prepare the candidates for the CISA exam and the real world.

Module 4 – CISA’s Role in IT Service Support and Delivery

During this module, the candidates must review the methodologies and processes applicable to different IT systems. Further, it would be able to deliver learning of the IS audit in the event of a disruption. Hiring certified candidates would prove beneficial for businesses who would be able to enact disaster recovery methodologies and timely recommencement of database services, thus diminishing the negative impact on a range of business processes.

Module 5 – Protection of Information Assets CISA’s

The significant component of Module 5 would be enabling a professional to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information assets while instituting logical and physical access controls and other security measures.

CISA Salaries

The CISA certification has been recognized globally since 1978. Today, there are about more than 106,000 certified professionals, and each year the retention is considered to be more than 90%. In 2014, CISA Certification was awarded as the “Best Professional Certification Program” by SC Magazine. It is considered one of the top-paying certifications as per the 2013 IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index (ITSCPI). CISA certificate holders would be able to make between $83,677 and $107,342 each year according to the statistics by PayScale, who would also state that Security Consultants would be able to earn between $67,860 and $106,407. In comparison, IS Auditors could be able to make between $59,647 and $82,159 each year. These are presently the highest standards in the market. So, if you wish to acquire the CISA Exam, you must opt for the training practice tests like offered by the SPOTO. SPOTO CISA Exam Practice tests would be able to earn you the CISA Certification in the very first attempt.

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